New Releases

2016 Grand Chardonnay

Our estate grown Chardonnay is 100% barrel fermented, using the surlie aging technique. Simply put, the wine ages on the yeast in the barrels, imparting a nice creaminess to the mouth-feel. With 20% new French barrels, there is a nice toasty aroma, with hints of citrus zest and melon. This wine is versatile for food pairing since it has undergone partial malolactic fermentation, leaving just the right touch of butter in the finish. Think steamed mussels or Chicken Alfredo. (196 cases produced)
2014 Barbera

2014 was a drought year. The vineyards produced small quantities of intensely rich and concentrated fruit. Our Barbera is a HUGE wine! It has all the fruit and jam you expect, with a bit more tannin than the previous year. This wine could benefit from a little time in your cellar, if you have the patience. Otherwise, it is drinking beautifully now as well. This wine will be great during the summer barbeques as it has enough body to pair with grilled meats. (379 cases produced)
2013 Shady Lady ~ Primitivo

Our Primitivo is out again! The 2013 Shady Lady is full of red cherry, plum, and that subtle spiciness that differentiates this variety from its twin, Zinfandel. Using tight grained new American barrels, we coax out even more of that herbal spiciness to compliment all that fruit and give the wine a long finish. The 2013 vintage also gave us a perfectly balanced acidity, so as usual; this wine is awesome with tomato sauces and lots of cheese. (184 cases produced)
Midnight (Lot #9)

This wine will sell out soon! Midnight is our proprietary flagship blend, using old vine Zinfandel (50%), Petite Sirah (25%), and Mourvedre (25%). Cult following is an understatement, but those who know this wine, understand why it sells out. This 2015 vintage Midnight is balanced. The aroma is like perfume, and the finish goes forever. (394 cases produced)
2013 Malbec

This vintage of Malbec turned out beautifully. Super dark in color, it smells like strawberries, cherries and savory herbs. The flavor is balanced between blueberry skins and cherry jam, and has a finish that is very rich. In fact, if I were to describe this wine in two words, they would be “rich” and “chewy”. (193 cases produced)