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    There is no cost to join our wine club, but plenty of benefits! Receive additional discounts (10% 1-5 bottles, 15% 6-11 bottles, and 25% on the purchase of 12 or more).

    Remember : We require all new wine club members to commit to THREE club releases (that is a total of SIX bottles)

White Wines

  • 2022 Fiano - $30

    2022 Fiano

    Alcohol 14%

    Fiano is refreshingly light and crisp with hints of tart apple and pear.


  • 2022 Grand Viognier - $31

    2022 Grand Viognier

    Alcohol 13.6%

    Grand Viognier is our very first Grand Viognier because it’s barrel fermented and barrel aged. Unfortunately, in 2022 we couldn’t make Chardonnay because our grapes froze due to a late frost event. Viognier is an aromatic and bold white grape that is fruit forward with a mineralogy on the finish. Aged in 66% new water bent French oak barrels for 9 months to compliment the bold fruit and add to a big mouthfeel and texture with Malolactic fermentation for a creamy and buttery mouthfeel. This Grand Viognier is full bodied and aromatic with a palate of stone fruit, apricot, French oak vanilla, and minerality finish.


  • 2021 Estate Grand Chardonnay - $33

    2021 Estate Grand Chardonnay

    Alcohol 14.6%

    Our estate grown Grand Chardonnay is barrel fermented and aged in French oak barrels, 50% new specialty toast. Made in a process inspired by an old French tradition called battonage, which greatly enhances the wines fullness and structure while giving it a plush, creamy medium/full body mouth feel. Fragrant aromas of tropical fruit and bananas overwhelm them glass while flavors of pineapple, passion fruit and vanilla with soft floral notes show an expression of our Estate Chardonnay that hasn’t been seen quite this way before. A limited batch with exceptional quality that is only seen in rare occurrences.


  • 2021 Sauvignon Blanc - SOLD OUT

    2021 Sauvignon Blanc, Alcohol 14.3%



  • 2022 Falanghina - SOLD OUT

    2022 Falanghina Alcohol 14.3%



Red Wine

  • 2021 Petite Sirah - $33

    2021 Petite Sirah

    Alcohol 13.9%

    Petite Sirah earned its name from the small size of its berries and not from the size of the wine. Petite Sirah is one of the biggest, darkest and most tannic wines produced in California. Mostly known as a blending wine for added color and body, we offer it as a stand-alone varietal because it’s just too good not to. This 2021 is rich and full with a fruit forward palate that perfectly balances the bold tannins. Aromas of cacao and dark berries fill the glass while flavors of blackberry jam, sweet plums and dark chocolate make this wine the perfect complement to bolder dishes.


  • 2020 Mourvedre - $34

    Mourvedre Label

    2020 Mourvedre

    Alcohol 14.5%

    The Mourvèdre grape originates from Spain where it is known as Monastrell but is most well known as one of the major grapes of Rhône region along with Grenache and Syrah. We most often use Mourvèdre as a blending grape in our Midnight every year but on occasion we have enough left over to offer it as a single varietal. Each year we source our Mourvedre from the same grower, locally here in El Dorado County, at around 3000 feet in elevation and it is usually one of the last grapes harvested every year. As this Mourvedre has a longer hang-time on the vine, it produces a softer and less acidic wine that is more medium-bodied. Discover flavors of plum, blackberry and butterscotch. At the end of your palate, you’ll experience more earthy flavors of mushrooms and pepper with well-integrated tannins on the finish.


  • 2019 Grenache - $32

    2019 Grenache

    15.4% alcohol

    New to our tasting room with only 60 cases produced.


  • 2020 Petit Petite - $34


    2020 Petit Petite

    Alcohol 14%

    It’s back… finally! This dark inky robust wine is BIG and delicious! The palate is very complex with blackberries, a twist of deep tannins and spice with an amazing lingering soft white pepper finish. The huge structures of Petit Verdot and Petite Sirah come together for a pleasing surprise and a balanced mouthfeel. This luscious bold wine can be enjoyed now or cellared for years to come. All this needs is a nice peppery dish. We prefer a peppered beef filet or lamb chop and a dollop garlic butter.. will never disappoint!


  • 2021 Sangiovese - $34

    Sangiovese Label

    2021 Sangiovese

    Alcohol 14.5%

    Double Gold California State Fair

    The Sangiovese grape is a bit of a chameleon; easily altering its genetics to fit its environment. Depending on exactly where its grown; climate, soil and farming techniques play an even more significant role in the flavors and the aromas the wine will have. Our Sangiovese always comes from Coloma, CA nestled by the American River in rich soils where the summer days are hot and the nights are cool. This growing region makes for a lighter, fruitier Sangiovese. Out of the bottle is a beautiful bright red color with aromas of perfumed berries. On the palate it is light bodied with light tannins and bright red fruits of cherries, strawberries and raspberries. On the finish there are traces of clove and caramel from both American and French oak.


  • NV Sierra Sunset Lot #20 - $19.95

    Sierra Sunset Label

    NV Sierra Sunset Lot #20

    Alcohol 15%

    NV Sierra Sunset Lot Lot #20 is a blend of Primitivo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Barbera, Syrah, Malbec and Zinfandel. This popular Red Table Wine blend is sure to please your palate!


  • 2015 Syrah - $33


    2015 Syrah

    Alcohol 15%

    A rich, powerful, and sometimes meaty red wine that originated in the Rhone Valley of France, Syrah makes some of the darkest red wine in the world.
    This 2015 is no exception!


  • 2020 Tannat - $34

    2020 Tannat

    Alcohol 13%

    DOUBLE GOLD San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.

    Tannat (tahn-Naht) is a grape that originates in French Basque Country in Southwest France and contains some of the highest polyphenols (antioxidants) of all red wines in the world. This wine will not disappoint!


  • 2020 Malbec - $34

    2020 Malbec

    Alcohol 14.8%

    This thick-skinned Bordeaux variety is known for its dark color, rich fresh fruit characteristics and is commonly used as a blending wine in other Bordeaux varietals, but we offer it as a stand alone. Malbec loves high elevation in order for it to fully achieve its acid to fruit balance, and ours is grown right here in Fair Play at 2300 ft. Known to be the fruitiest of the Bordeaux varieties, our 2020 vintage showcases our higher elevation fruit at its best. Bold fruit forward flavors of dried blueberries, ripe plums, with tertiary flavors of mocha and molasses and hints of vanilla and cocoa from French Oak on the finish.


  • 2019 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon French Oak - $31


    2019 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon French Oak

    Alcohol 15.5%

    Our estate grown Cabernet Sauvignon is dry-farmed and was planted over 37 years ago. The deeply rooted and vigorous vines produce small berries with thick skins and not very much juice which makes for a very concentrated and deeply colored wine packed with intense flavor. Our unique microclimate and soil type allows for this popular Bordeaux varietal to thrive. The 2019 vintage was aged in select French oak barrels for 24 months which rounded out the structure and length of the wine while elegantly enhancing its rich red fruit characters. Flavors of chocolate covered cherries, black plum, exotic spices from oak and a hint of anise. Enjoy!


  • 2019 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon American Oak "The Lone Ranger" - $31

    2019 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon American Oak

    Alcohol 15%

    Our American Oak Estate Cabernet Sauvignon style is unique. We aged this limited batch in special Amerian oak barrels to show how American oak steers the flavors and aromas of a wine in a much different direction than French oak does. American oak tends to be more potent, giving a perception of sweetness to a wine with a creamier texture. Made in the same batch, aged in different oak, this rendition is meant to be paired side by side with that of its French oak aged counterpart. Discover similar flavors of black cherry and blackberry but with a richer, almost sweeter finish. Additional flavors of prunes, black currants, marshmallow, baking spice and a hint of white pepper.



  • 2019 Estate Cabernet Franc - $35

    2019 Estate Cabernet Franc

    Alcohol 13.5%

    This estate-grown varietal has characteristics of red plum, roasted red pepper, cherry and raspberry on the pallet with aromas of strawberries and baking spices. A nicely balanced and aged wine.


  • 2020 Estate Petit Verdot - $35


    2020 Estate Petit Verdot

    14% Alcohol

    What a big wine from such a tiny grape! This 2020 vintage is amazing. It has nothing but plums and red cherry all day in the nose, with a depth of flavor that is hard to describe; kind of earthy and fruity and oaky with a long finish. This wine will make some purple smiles for sure.


  • 2020 Estate Lady in Red Bordeaux Blend - $37

    2020 Estate Lady In Red Bordeaux Blend

    14% Alcohol

    44% Cabernet Sauvignon, 24% Malbec, 16% Petit Verdot, 8% Cabernet Franc, 8% Merlot

    Our Estate 2020 “Lady in Red” is an ultra-premium blend of the 5 Bordeaux varieties we grow on our estate. Year after year, we consider this blend to be one of the finest wines we produce here at Windwalker and is the quintessential example for the quality we strive for. The 2020 is beautifully expressive in our region’s terroir, its flavors and aromas are layered and complex from start to finish. The mouthfeel is full, somewhat silky, and smooth from front to back. Discover flavors of black cherries, boysenberries, and a hint of granite minerality from the soil it is grown in. On the finish there are gentle well integrated tannins with a touch of oak vanilla and spice.


  • Right Bank Estate Bordeaux Blend - $32

    Right Bank Estate Bordeaux Blend

    Alcohol 14.5%

    Right Bank is new to our tasting room! Right Bank is a Merlot dominant Bordeaux Blend. The Bordeaux region in France is divided into left and right banks – meaning river banks, land masses on either side of the Gironde Estuary, fed by 2 rivers, the Dordogne and Garonne. These 2 banks have different terriors.
    The right bank is where Merlot is a dominant grape and the left bank Cabernet Sauvignon is the dominant grape.


  • 2019 Shady Lady ~ Primitivo - $37

    Shady Label

    2019 “Shady Lady” ~ Primitivo

    Alcohol 15%

    Sierra Foothills

    Terroir driven. Expressive. Fragrant. Elegant. One word sentences with this wine. Why over think it? “Shady Lady” Primitivo has for a long time been all of these descriptors and then some. Maybe we are a bit bias, but we aren’t the only ones. We just love Primitivo, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Aromas of boysenberry, cedar wood and mocha show through first in a diverse multi-layered complex. Ever evolving flavors show fourth on the palate. Pomegranate, red currant and clove are woven within… Further discoveries are made with each swirl of the glass. And yet one thought keeps coming to mind when trying to describe such a complex wine as this, “Why over think it?”


  • Midnight Lot 15 - $35

    Midnight label

    Midnight Lot 15

    Alcohol 14.6%

    L-15 marks fifteen years of Midnight. A question often asked is, “why a lot number and not a vintage?” To answer this, we go back to lot number 1. By federal law wineries cannot back blend two different vintages by more than 15%, and lot 1 was a blend of two different vintages, consequently it got its designation as a lot number instead of a vintage year. Every year afterwards we kept the lot number designation regardless whether or not it was a single vintage or not. ALWAYS a blend of 50% select rich and dark Old Vine Zinfandel, 25% Petite Sirah and 25% Mourvèdre, consider it an Old Vine Zinfandel on steroids. This Midnight is very complex and well rounded. A bouquet of elegant aromas; black currant, cedar and exotic spices. A complex and well-rounded variety of flavors; roasted plums, blackberries, dark chocolate and vanilla with a sweet cinnamon spice on the finish.


  • 2021 Zinfandel - $32

    Zinfandel Label

    2021 Zinfandel

    Alcohol 14.9%

    Zinfandel is widely touted as, “America’s grape,” but it actually prevails from Croatia, as it was first brought to California by early settlers. It also happens to be a Windwalker classic, and this 2021 vintage is adventurous and sure to impress. Our take on this varietal has always been a fruit forward-yet-bold style that has been loved for its always pleasing red fruit flavors and exotic spiciness. This 2021 vintage has a rich berry and spice profile with elegant aromatics that are rounded out by a smooth and lingering finish. The amazing harmony of flavors will make you thirst for more.


  • 2019 Estate Merlot - $33

    2019 Estate Merlot

    Alcohol 14.8%

    Carefully crafted from our nearly 40-year-old deep rooted vines to create a concentrated wine packed with intense flavor and aroma. Merlot is the second-most planted grape in the world behind its half sibling Cabernet Sauvignon. The aroma has rich red and black fruits, roasted plum, star anise, violets, spice with a palate of bold, bright, and richly complex. Upfront fruits of cherry, raspberry, and pomegranate with hints of marshmallow, vanilla, and dried herbs.


  • 2021 Alicante Bouschet - $34

    2021 Alicante Bouschet

    Alcohol 14.8%

    Lovers of rich, fruit-forward reds like Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon take note, Alicante Bouschet is quite the find! Created when a French botanist, Henri Bouschet, crossed Grenache with Petit Bouschet. It is one of the few varietals in the world that has red flesh inside the skins, also known as a teinturier grape. This wonderfully unique and concentrated wine has a deep dark color and is rich in both its aroma and palate. An aroma of wild black fruits, black olive, dark chocolate, clove, and a palate of fruit forward and smooth, black cherry, brown sugar, cinnamon spice, soft tannins on the finish.


  • 2014 "Temperamental Lady" Tempranillo - SOLD OUT

    Sangiovese Label

    2014 “Temperamental Lady” Tempranillo


  • 2020 "Foxy Lady" Old Vine Zinfandel - SOLD OUT

    Foxy Label


  • 2020 Barbera - SOLD OUT


Dessert Wines - No Discounts

  • 2021 Dolci (Fiano) 500 mL - $35.00

    2021 Dolci (Fiano) 500 mL Dessert Wine

    Alcohol 17%

    Dolci is a white dessert wine made from Fiano grapes and is an “orange wine.” The orange wine process consists of whole Fiano grapes crushed and then macerated with their skins and stems (just like red grapes). The fermented juice is then fortified. Besides having an orange color, this delicious dessert wine has a citrusy flavor with a honey finish.


  • Ruby Port Non-Vintage 375 mL- $25.00

    Ruby Port Label

    Ruby Port Non-vintage

    Alcohol 17.5%

    Our Non-vintage Ruby Port is a favorite among Port wine drinkers. Our Ruby Port is made with the six traditional Portuguese port grapes: Tinta Roriz (aka Tempranillo), Tinta Cao, Touriga Nacional, Trousseau (aka Bastardo), Touriga Franca, and Tinta Amarela. Most of the component lots are aged a minimum of 10 years, with some lots dating back to the early 90’s. Careful blending guarantees consistency from bottling to bottling. We keep our sugar lower than the average port (around 5% versus 8% traditionally), and the alcohol is not excessive either, hovering around the 18% range. Great with dark chocolate, stinky cheese and dried fruits.


  • 2005 Vintage Port 375 mL- $38.00

    2000 Vintage Port

    2005 Vintage Port

    Alcohol 18.4%

    Sometimes Mother Nature provides us with an amazing port year, and we keep a barrel or two separate for our vintage bottling. The 2005 was one of these years. We also really liked the oak influence on this particular bottling. Soft and velvety, this port has many layers of flavors. We hope you like the complexity of this port, and agree that it is a world class contender.


  • NV Tinto Cão Port 750 mL - $40.00

    NV Tinto Cão Port Label

    NV Tinto Cão Port 750 mL

    Alcohol 19.5%

    Another Portuguese grape, Tinto Cao lends itself perfectly for port. This bottling highlights the deep color and bright fruit character of this grape. We kept it tucked away in the back of our barrel room for over 6 years to intensify the flavors. Again, like our other ports, we keep the sugar to a minimum to highlight the qualities of the vineyard. We like this port in the evening, after dinner is done, and the stars are out. Take time to savor the aromas before sipping and talking the night away with your close friends and family.


  • NV Trousseau Port 750 mL - $40.00


    NV Trousseau Port 750 mL

    Alcohol 19.5%

    Also known lovingly as “Bastardo” due to the difficulty in farming it, this Portuguese native makes some killer ports. We produce ours in a more tawny style, by aging it for multiple years in French oak. The resulting wine is light in color with nutty and baked fruit aromas, and a nice red cherry note to the flavor. We also keep our ports quite a bit lower in sugar than most, to maintain the fruit instead being syrupy. This Trousseau pairs well with blue cheese and of course dark chocolate.