New Releases

2021 "Foxy Lady" Old Vine Zinfandel
14.2% Alcohol ~ $37

Our 2021 Foxy Lady Old Vine Zin is terroir driven from one of Amador county’s oldest Zinfandel vineyards, planted from 1800’s Zinfandel cuttings, from Fox Creek Vineyard. Foxy is a complex wine with a beautiful ruby color and a bouquet of ripe cherry and spice from specialty French oak barrels. The palate is blackberry jam with light tannins and a sweet and smooth finish. This wine is always a Windwalker favorite!

2020 Cabernet Sauvignon American Oak "The Lone Ranger"
14.5% Alcohol ~ $33

DOUBLE GOLD ~ San Francisco Chronicle
GOLD ~ Foothill Wine Fest

Our American Oak Estate Cabernet Sauvignon style is unique. We aged this limited batch in special American oak barrels to show how American oak steers the flavors and aromas of a wine in a much different direction than French oak does. American oak tends to be more potent, giving a perception of sweetness to a wine, with a creamier texture. This complex Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold red color with a bouquet of currants and toasted coconut, a tropical bouquet. On the palate, discover ripe, sweet cherries, spice and leather with soft tannins and a fruit-forward finish.