New Releases

2021 Zinfandel
14.9% Alc. ~ $32

Zinfandel is widely touted as, “America’s grape,” but it actually prevails from Croatia, as it was first brought to California by early settlers. It also happens to be a Windwalker classic, and this 2021 vintage is adventurous and sure to impress. Our take on this varietal has always been a fruit forward-yet-bold style that has been loved for its always pleasing red fruit flavors and exotic spiciness. This 2021 vintage has a rich berry and spice profile with elegant aromatics that are rounded out by a smooth and lingering finish. The amazing harmony of flavors will make you thirst for more

Midnight Lot 15
14.6% Alc. ~ $35

L-15 marks fifteen years of Midnight. A question often asked is, “why a lot number and not a vintage?” To answer this, we go back to lot number 1. By federal law wineries cannot back blend two different vintages by more than 15%, and lot 1 was a blend of two different vintages, consequently it got its designation as a lot number instead of a vintage year. Every year afterwards we kept the lot number designation regardless whether or not it was a single vintage or not. ALWAYS a blend of 50% select rich and dark Old Vine Zinfandel, 25% Petite Sirah and 25% Mourvèdre, consider it an Old Vine Zinfandel on steroids. This Midnight is very complex and well rounded. A bouquet of elegant aromas; black currant, cedar and exotic spices. A complex and well-rounded variety of flavors; roasted plums, blackberries, dark chocolate and vanilla with a sweet cinnamon spice on the finish.